Ahead of Sunday’s FAI Cup final, I caught up with Dundalk FC captain Brian Gartland to get his views on the team-mates he shares a dressing with.

Player of the Season: I’ll sit on the fence on that one. Hard to pick out of a few.

Goal of the Season: Either Jordan Flores v Waterford or Mickey Duffy v Rovers.

Save of the Season: Gary Rogers in the penalty shoot-out in Riga.

Moment of the Season: Patrick Hoban’s last minute penalty to win at home to Bohemians. Ganno’s goal and the win in Tallaght in June was also massive as it created an eight point gap going into Europe whereas had we lost it was down to two.

Worst Dressed: All the lads that come in in the full cotton trackies. Dickie (Daniel Kelly) especially.

Best Dressed: Giller 😎

Best Finisher: Hoban I suppose but I think the centre halves are up there with him!

Best Crosser: Willow (Steve Williams)! Higgi only said the other day it’s him though!

Quickest of the Group: There’s a good debate on that one. Dicky (Daniel Kelly) thinks it’s him but Sean Hoare, Ganno and Mounts would all dispute it. We need a race!

Best Taste in Music: I’d go with Muzz (Sean Murray). We’ve similar tastes, apart from his Ed Sheeran obsession!

Worst Taste in Music: Georgie Kelly. He comes out with stuff that’s somehow classed as music.

Biggest Joker: The funniest is Shieldsy and Ganno. Pat is probably the biggest prankster. He’s always up to something

Most Serious in the Group: Probably myself 🙈

Biggest Moaner: Ganno and Pat

Most Easy Going: Micky & Cammy

Hardest Trainer: There’s a good group of lads that train hard on the pitch, in the gym and their own bit. Gary Rogers, John Mountney and Georgie Kelly would be right up there.

Most Intelligent: Robbie Benson

Least Intelligent: There’s a few lads battling for that

Loudest of the Group: Pat Hoban

Quietest of the Group: Dylan Hand

Agony Uncle of the Group: Maybe myself or the physios

Unsung Hero: Plenty fall into this category as our squad is so big but I’ll say Georgie Kelly. He scored some big, big goals in the cup and the league to get us where we are. Brilliant attitude, works so hard.