Dundalk chairman Bill Hulsizer has asked Lilywhite supporters not to be fearful of PEAK6’s intentions for the club long-term.

Ever since the American investment group took over at Oriel Park in January 2018, there has been fears that they could pull the plug on things at anytime, potentially putting the club’s future in jeopardy from a financial point of view.

With the league here on hold due to Covid-19 and speculation as to whether or not the Champions League qualifiers will take place this year, opposition fans have been stirring the pot on social media regarding whether or not PEAK6 will stick around for much longer.

However, speaking to The Argus this week, Hulsizer says that PEAK6 have proven their commitment to the club and continue to have ambitious plans for Dundalk FC.

“I heard a quote the other day which said people are getting so afraid of dying that they’re forgetting how to live but fear only exists in your mind. It’s not real. Danger is real but fear is just a mental thing about a possible outcome. Don’t waste your time with it.

“Dundalk is not going to disappear. If PEAK6 disappears, Dundalk isn’t going to disappear.

“This is a club who I was reading this week has a season ticket holder from Dublin for the last 70 years. With history like that, this club won’t just disappear. It has an identity and it has a character.

“If PEAK6 decided tomorrow that we’ll sell the club, the club will not disappear. Now, are we looking at selling it? No. Will that change? Well PEAK6 might get sold either so if you worry about things being sold you’ll never relax but while we’re here take the opportunity we present to build on Dundalk. Don’t think about what happens if PEAK6 run away. That doesn’t matter because Dundalk is here to stay and they will continue to set the standard for the league.

“We’re certainly not going to run away but there are too many variables at this stage to say exactly what is going to happen regarding the future. I wish I could predict the future. If I could I would share it with everybody else.

“What I do know is, we’re the best team in Ireland right now and if and when we aren’t the best team in Ireland, we have two choices: fire the coach and get new players or sell the team. I would probably say that we’ll get new players and try to figure out how to be the best team again because that’s our nature,” he said.

Asked where he saw the club in the next five years, Bill laughed: “The last thing you want to do is talk about a five year plan with a 77-year-old man!”

He added: “Do I see Dundalk FC being here in five years? Absolutely. Can I tell you what it will look like? I hope they’re flying the banner saying they’ve won the Champions League. People might laugh at that but dreams are free and if you’re going to dream you may as well dream big.”