Vinny Perth is hopeful his side will get some long overdue luck in the draw when Dundalk learn their Champions League opponents in August.

With the qualifying rounds set to be played over one leg rather than the traditional two, the Lilywhites boss is only too well aware how important it could be to be drawn at home.

“For Irish clubs, you just have to accept that luck is a massive part of it,” he said.

“We had some luck in 2016 if you remember back. We weren’t exactly brilliant in Iceland and got there in the end. Then away to BATE was a tough game for us but we managed to stay in the tie.

“Sometimes you need a little bit of luck to go your way. You could have three home draws in-a-row in Europe or you could have three away draws but we’ve seen big clubs struggle when they come to Ireland, not just against Dundalk but against others, then when you go away they’re a different animal.

“We will certainly need the rub of the green on that front. I don’t think we’ve had good luck in the draws for a while so we’re probably due one.”

With the draw for the first qualifying round not due to take place until a week before the game on August 18th or 19th, Dundalk will have less time than usual to study their first qualifying round opponents. This is not something that is overly concerning Perth.

“It’s not as much time as we’d like but the advantage is that we’re used to it,” he said.

“Many of us in the group are heading towards 40 European games in the last seven years this year. I’ve experienced this before as both an assistant and as a manager where basically you have a week’s notice to prepare. It’s not ideal but we’re well experienced on it.”