Vinny Perth has welcomed the FAI’s decision to suspend testing Dundalk players and staff for Covid-19.

The Lilywhites, as well as Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians and Derry City players and officials, had all come through six rounds of testing – all of which produced negative results – when the association announced on Friday that the testing would be ended with immediate effect following Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s announcement that team sports could resume from Monday June 29th.

While the medical tests are a thing of the past though, Perth said Dundalk would continue to take their own strict precautions at Oriel Park.

Asked his opinion on the cessation of testing, the manager said: “I suppose in one sense it’s a good thing because it means people in authority don’t feel that there is a need for it.

“It was great to have the testing initially because it gave real peace of mind to everybody in the group that we were all continually testing clear.

“There is a case that from a players’ point of view that they have been promised a lot of testing and it has now stopped relatively quickly but it was a big help and full credit to the people who organised it.

“Going forward, we still have our own internal practices. At the moment we’ve got to stay really vigilant.

“Players and staff have families at home so we’re still doing our own stuff like temperature testing and everyone has to fill out wellness questionnaires before they’re allowed into the training ground. That will stick.

“The use of the YDC is not to the level it was pre-lockdown in terms of the use of the canteen and the indoor gym so we’re still under a lot of restrictions but looking ahead to this week we’re glad to be able to play 11-a-side again.”

Perth also revealed that players were still showering at home after training.

“We were training in two groups last week and the second group got one of the heaviest showers of the year with 10 minutes to go and then they couldn’t get into a shower so it is difficult from that point of view but they’re just glad to be back training at the moment.”