The 2020 season might have just wrapped up but Dundalk head coach Filippo Giovagnoli is already looking forward to getting going again in just a few weeks time.

The Lilywhites are expected to return to training in the first week of January, giving them less than a month off, but speaking to The Argus from his home in Italy on Sunday, Giovagnoli said he couldn’t wait to have a pre-season to prepare the team for the new season.

“It’ll depend on when the league is going to start but we’ll be back to work more or less in the first week of January,” he said.

“For the next three or four weeks I’ll be working from Italy, which is good as I get to spend time with my family. We won’t be training for the next few weeks because the players need to rest but if it was up to me I could re-start tomorrow. Working on the pitch is the good part of my job.”

Giovagnoli said having a pre-season would be hugely beneficial to him in terms of putting his own stamp on the team.

“I think it was really clear that when we had time to prepare for games our team was different. You could see it.
“When we had time we were a different team and when we didn’t have time we were just adjusting to tactical situations but adjusting is one thing and being prepared and consolidating a style is another thing.

“The pre-season for me is the best time of the year to consolidate a style, work on principles, work on projects and get to know the players better. It’s a time to make mistakes because you learn from them. When we arrived none of this was possible. It was just compete, compete, compete but it is what it is. I think we adapted, did well and achieved all of the objectives that the club asked of us,” he said.