Filippo Giovagnoli has welcomed the appointment of Stephen McDonnell as the Dundalk’s new academy manager, saying it was the club’s ambition to have the best underage system in the country in a few years’ time.

With a background in youth football himself from his time coaching at AC Milan and at the Metropolitan Oval Academy in New York, Giovagnoli said he was pleased to see a new academy manager appointed and said he would help former Dundalk midfielder McDonnell out where he could to reach his goals.

“I’m happy with it,” he said of McDonnell’s appointment.

The article as it appeared in The Argus on January 12th 2021

“Jim (Magilton) told me that he is a really good guy and I’m looking forward to working with him.

“I have a lot of experience in the youth side of football so I think I can help him and share things and I think we can build together towards probably having the best academy in Ireland in a couple of years.

“We want to build a strong club because one day I’m going to leave, one day Jim is going to leave, one day Hoban is going to leave and one day Shields is going to leave and what about the club then? This is the most important thing we can do,” he said.