Filippo Giovagnoli has revealed that he is scouring Europe at the moment to get on a Pro Licence course.

The lack of a Pro Licence meant that the Italian was banned from the sidelines for the club’s recent Europa League matches with Dundalk hit with a €50,000 fine by UEFA for an offence deemed as ‘shadow coaching.’

While the severity of that fine has been appealed, Giovagnoli – who was confirmed last week as the club’s head coach on a full-time basis – is looking to rectify the issue.

With no course available here until 2022, the 50-year-old said he is looking around Europe to see can he get on one in the New Year.

“This is outside of my power,” he said when asked about doing a Pro Licence course.

“If there’s a course I’ll start the course now. At this moment I’m checking around in Europe and there’s not many courses. In Italy there are invitation courses and I’m looking at that but it is what it is.

“If we have to adjust to this situation then we’re going to adjust. It’s about being prepared. If we have time to prepare the team well during the year then the team will play with the principle that you apply and you don’t need to be there all the time on the sideline which I’m doing more now because during the game you have to adjust this and that because you don’t have time to prepare.

“When you consolidate your job then you don’t need to talk as much on the sideline,” said Giovagnoli.