Shane Keegan has stressed the importance Patrick McEleney staying fit could be for Dundalk this season.

The midfielder has been unable to get a decent run together in recent years due to almost constant injury problems but showed his undoubted quality once again on Saturday by running the show in the second half against Drogheda Utd and supplying the winner for Greg Sloggett in the 68th minute.

The article as it appeared in The Argus on March 9th 2021

Asked about the Derry man after the game, Keegan admitted Dundalk looked more threatening whenever the 28-year-old was on the pitch.

“He’s just different. He’s just completely different like. He is just constantly scanning like.

“If you’re an opposition manager every time the ball is at his feet, you must be on tenterhooks because he’s just constantly looking to find that hole to try and create instantly.

“When he’s on the field we just look extra threatening all the time naturally enough.”

Keegan is also hopeful that Greg Sloggett’s goal will give him confidence as he looks to kick-on from a decent opening season at Oriel Park.

“Yeah, look Greg is as a solid as you can get easy he’s a great bit of stuff. He has just got a tremendous engine but if you look at the bodies now that we’ve got in the centre of the field because Sam (Stanton) has done really well today.

“I mean the build up for Val’s goal, his first touch to get out of a tight situation right in front of me there in the dugout was fantastic so there are real, real options and competition for places there in the centre of the field now which is great.”