New sporting director Jim Magilton has confirmed that he plans to move to Dundalk in the coming weeks to become fully invested in the community.

While the former Northern Ireland international lives less than an hour’s drive away in Lisburn, he feels living locally will allow him to do his job better.

“I’m looking to stay most of the week and go back and forth then when is necessary,” he said.

“Des Dunleavy, the player liaison officer, has done a magnificent job for me. There isn’t a single person that he hasn’t introduced me to in Dundalk and that’s been great because, I have to say, the welcome that I’ve received has been nothing short of fantastic and I do really appreciate that. The work has obviously still to be done but I’ve had a very warm welcome and I’m very grateful for that.

“What happened before Christmas gave me a real feel for the club and I’m really conscious that I need to be on site.

“If someone gets into the club before me then they’ll be up pretty early. I know how lucky I am in terms of where I live but what was really noticeable to me was that I wanted to be on site and be a part of the community so there’s no question I will be looking to come live here,” he said.