While the new Dundalk FC jersey might have divided opinion among fans when it was unveiled last week, for the club’s joint longest serving player John Mountney, he was only too happy to pull it on.

The 26-year-old, who is heading into his ninth season at the club, endured a frustrating time with injuries last season and was only making his return towards the end of the campaign.

With his injury problems behind him, Mountney is already raring to go for next season and said at Saturday’s kit launch that pulling on the new jersey had only whet his appetite even more to get back on the pitch.

“It was one of them things where I was rushing to try and get back involved for the end of the year. I wasn’t fully fit but I was getting there towards the end of the year and it meant that I was coming into the off-season just ready to get going.

“Everyone took the first two weeks off but we’re back in programmes now already. We’ll be in a few days over the Christmas and then back in early January so it won’t be long until it all starts back again.

“I’m feeling great now. Even speaking to the lads now, our fitness coach Graham has us all on good programmes and everyone is feeling good still.

“Coming in and seeing the new shop and all the new gear, there might have been controversy online, but when you put the jersey it’s nice. It’s nice on and a nice fit.

“When you put it on everyone starts thinking about the new season. We haven’t even hit Christmas yet and already you’re thinking about getting going.”

Mountney has good memories of wearing Umbro gear having won two leagues, an EA Sports Cup and an FAI Cup in their products in 2014 and 2015.

“We’ve good memories in Umbro gear but CX+ and David Minto were brilliant as well for the last few years. So far, everything looks nice and it definitely gives you the feel for next year.

“Even coming here to the Lilywhite Lounge and you see the photos on the wall of the years we won the league, you remember the jerseys. It brings back memories then.”

Mountney said he was also looking forward to meeting up with the new members of the squad that head coach Vinny Perth was in the process of adding at present.

“At the end of every year there’s usually a couple who go and you have to bring a couple in who can hopefully strengthen you because you have to keep looking forward. It’s always exciting to sign new players and when you sign players who aren’t from the league it’s exciting to see what they’re going to bring to you as well,” he said.