Sonni Nattestad described his red card in Friday’s President’s Cup match as a “disgrace” but said it didn’t bother him once the side won.

The Faroese international was sent-off for a lunging challenge on Graham Burke just before the hour mark despite appearing to win the ball having earlier given his side a 42nd minute lead.

Thankfully Dundalk held out to win the game on penalties but speaking to the club website afterwards the 6ft 6in defender said he felt referee Damien MacGraith got the decision wrong.

The article as it appeared on March 16th 2021

“We won the game so now I don’t care,” he said.

“I scored a goal and got sent off in the second half which I think is a disgrace. I thought I got the ball and everyone else seems to think so as well so I don’t see why I should be sent off but at the end of the game we got the trophy and that’s what is most important.

“I don’t know what the referee is thinking. I think he was about to give me a yellow card but all of a sudden he gave me a red. I don’t know why but now we just have to focus on the next game and not think about that anymore,” he said.