Dundalk FC boss Vinny Perth has been announced as an ambassador for RehabCare.

In order to support the group, the 43-year-old set up a GoFundMe page at the weekend requesting donations with one lucky person having a chance to win his league winners’ medal from his first year in charge of the Lilywhites last season.

As of Monday morning over €2,200 had been raised so far and while Perth admitted it would be difficult to part with the medal he worked so hard to get, he said he was happy to give it up for what he described as a great cause.

“It will be hard to give it away but at the same time in a year’s time I may not get the same reaction to anything I do so while I can make a difference and help other people, I think it’s important to do it while you can.

“I’ll be proud to be able to do it rather than looking at it like I’m losing something. When you can make a difference you should do it and I can at the moment so I’ll happily do it.
I’ve been working with the charity behind the scenes for a little while now and I’ve agreed to become one of their ambassadors so I’ll be doing some work for them.

“We all know what RehabCare do. They are heavily involved around Dundalk and the connection between the club and the centres in Dundalk is huge and has been over the years. Jason Kelly, for argument’s sake, would have been around the club at different stages giving us a dig out.

“These people need a little bit extra attention at these times. At home, personally I’m very lucky that I don’t need any extra help but I’m conscious that other people do. I would have a son with autism but we’re very lucky that we don’t need these supports for him and that he can go to mainstream school etc but it does make you appreciate how lucky you are.”

While his initial target of €1,000 was smashed within 24 hours, Perth said the real prize was raising awareness of the group.

“The money doesn’t bother me too much but the video I did has been seen close to 10,000 times and really that’s what it’s about, creating awareness of other people in our community and helping them if we can.

“Very often people with special needs just need to be treated as normal and included so hopefully this creates a bit of awareness. That’s really what I’m most happiest about since I’ve launched the video,” he said.