While the new league fixtures were due to be released last night (Monday), Vinny Perth is expecting his side to have little leeway when it comes to wiggle room around their European fixtures.

Dundalk will be in Champions League first qualifying round action on August 18th or 19th, with another European tie to follow whether they win or lose be it in the second qualifying round or in the Europa League.

However, speaking to The Argus on Sunday evening, Perth said it was his understanding that his side would have to play either side of the European tie, which will be a one-legged affair this season due to Covid-19.

“It looks like we’re in the mad situation where there isn’t enough time to give people a bit of leeway around Europe so we may play Friday and Sunday with a European game in the middle and that’s just tough.

“Again, it’s the weak penalising the strong. We have to accept it and get on with it but it’s not good enough. We should be striving to be better in Europe as a league and rushing 13 games in before the end of October is certainly not that.”

Perth re-iterated that Dundalk weren’t happy that there would be just 13 further games played when the league restarts on July 31st.

“Regarding the restart, we’re not happy with the way it is going and the decision that was made but we’ve only 10% of a voice in the league and we have to accept the decision and get on with it.

“We’ll deal with whatever fixtures are thrown at us. We will be prepared and ready,” he said.