Former manager Vinny Perth has opened up on the difficult experience he has had watching Dundalk since losing his job in August.

Speaking to Adrian Eames on the RTÉ Soccer Podcast today, the 2019 league winning boss said it had been a difficult time for him personally since being fired in the wake of the club’s 3-0 Champions League defeat against NK Celje.

The 44-year-old also said he was disappointed with the club’s performance against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium last week.

Asked how he found it watching Dundalk against the Gunners, Perth said: “It’s really difficult there’s no doubt about it.

“It’s been a really difficult time personally… very, very difficult.

“I’ve so many friends there from over the last eight and a half years and I’m delighted for them but personally it’s difficult to take. Not just the Emirates. I think that’s a mistake that was made in the sense that they weren’t tourists going to the Emirates, they were a team trying to compete and they ultimately didn’t. I found that to be disappointing.

“Yeah, it’s difficult to take but at the same time you’ve got to move on. There are other people involved now.

“It is difficult. Even watching the game last night against Pat’s was difficult but what do you do? You get on with it and I’m sure there are bigger things for people to be worried about in life but ultimately I’d be telling lies if I said it didn’t hurt.”

When asked to elaborate on what he meant that Dundalk didn’t compete and if it referred to the fact the side failed to commit a foul in the game Perth said: “It was a strange stat.

“Having watched a lot of their games, I’ve stayed away from it for different reasons, but it was a strange stat.

“When I say they didn’t compete, I think when the third goal went in the camera went to Patrick McEleney and his disappointment at the third goal said it all. I remember Patrick McEleney in the 88th or 89th minute hitting the crossbar against Zenit St Petersburg, a game we shouldn’t have lost.

“I felt Dundalk didn’t have a go but people will have different views of it.

“I don’t think it reflects well that the highlight of the night was that they were only beaten 3-0. For me that might be deemed as criticism but I was disappointed that the players of Duffy, McEleney, Colovic, Hoban, the really attacking, flair players, didn’t get a chance to express themselves on a stage that they belong at in my opinion.

“That was a bit disappointing but, listen, they’re competing at the highest level and you have to be pragmatic at the same time but that was disappointing.”

You can listen to the RTÉ Soccer Podcast here.