Robbie Benson. David McMillan. Ciaran Kilduff. Andy Boyle.

There’s a fairly lengthy list of ex-UCD players who have had big moments for Dundalk in Europe in recent years. Now Greg Sloggett is hoping he can add his name to it over the coming weeks.

Having missed UCD’s Europa League adventure in 2015 through injury and Dundalk’s defeat to Celje in the Champions League qualifiers earlier this year, the midfielder is actually three from three in Europe having featured in the wins over Inter Club d’Escalades, Sheriff Tiraspol and KÍ Klaksvik.

The article as it appeared in The Argus on October 20th 2020

Now he is hoping he can teach Molde a lesson on Thursday like some of the ex-Students from the past did in years gone by.

“Hopefully!,” he grinned when asked about the prospect of following in other Belfield stars’ footsteps with a big European moment was put to him.

“They set the bar high but look everyone is relishing it, including me. To go make history, I’d love it but it’s more important that the team do that as you know.

“Hopefully we can take points and compete in the group, but we’ll soon see with Molde, that’s the first big important game.”

Having arrived from Derry City before Christmas, the Meath man walked into a training centre in which many images of the club’s memorable nights adorn the walls.

He admits there is an obvious inspiration to add to his own memories to the gym surroundings.

“Absolutely. When I signed for this club and looked around, I was immediately impressed. You’re in there pumping iron as they say, you see their achievements and I want to replicate that more than anyone.

“Hopefully we can do ourselves justice in the group. Getting there is an achievement in itself, we can take great pride in that. It’s a great achievement even if it is the only thing we do this year. I’ll look back on 2020 with fondness if it’s all we do.”

The one disappointment for Sloggett is that family and friends won’t be there for one of the biggest moments in his career but he is hopeful Dundalk can create memories for the many supporters they have who will be watching on from home.

“My mum and dad would come to every game. They were up and down to Derry every game last year. They take great pride in what I’m doing and I’d love for them to be at the games. I’m still hoping that maybe Arsenal at home home on December 10th might be possible but we’ll see.”

Either way there’s immense pride in what Sloggett has achieved to date. Hopefully the best has yet to come though.