Perth says new CEO is a huge positive for the club

Perth says new CEO is a huge positive for the club

Dundalk head coach Vinny Perth has hailed the appointment of Mark Devlin as the club’s new Chief Executive as a “massive positive”.

Devlin is due to meet with Perth and other club staff for the first time this week ahead of his official start date next Monday, April 1st. He comes to Oriel Park with a wealth of experience having been CEO of Brentford from 2011 to last December.

Prior to that he also worked as Chief Executive of Queens Park Rangers and Swindon. Reacting to Devlin’s appointment, Perth was excited about what he could add to the club.

“I think it’s positive,” he told The Argus. “I’ve researched some of the work he has done at Brentford and it’s outstanding but there’s also good people here as well doing a lot of outstanding work, people like Ailish Kelly in the office and the work that Martin Connolly has done in the last six or seven years has been outstanding. We’ve a lot of good people and I think Mark will only enhance that.

“I think it’s good that someone coming from the outside might see something that we’ve missed. I think it’s a massive positive and it shows you the club is going in the right direction. There’s been a new Financial Controller post filled too so we’re starting to see a lot more investment in the club behind the scenes that will only make it a better club.”

Having seen first-hand the set up at Brentford during a trip there with Dundalk in 2016, Perth is hopeful Devlin can bring some of that expertise to Oriel Park.

“There’s a lot of similarities between the two clubs in terms of the owners and their belief in the clubs. It’s a bit early to understand what Mark’s train of thought is but over time we’ll start to see that. If he can have the same success here as he had with Brentford I think it’ll be a positive.”

Commenting on the appointment, Dundalk FC chairman Mike Treacy said:  “After a thorough and exhaustive interview process, during which the board have interviewed a number of potential candidates, we are confident that we have found the right person to drive the club forward and help us achieve our goals as a business.

“While at Brentford, Mark led the West London club’s ascension from League One to the Championship. Crucially, Mark, demonstrated a number of key attributes that are important to us as we seek to take the business to new heights – amongst them, modernising club operations, increasing and engaging with the fan base and was heavily involved in the planning of the new Brentford Community Stadium.

“At PEAK6 we place a heavy emphasis on working in teams while applying data and technology to make smart business decisions. Mark also brings a vast experience utilizing data to improve marketing, retail, and ticketing operations. We are excited for him to work with existing staff to lead the league off the pitch.”

Speaking on his appointment, Devlin added: “I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to become Dundalk FC’s Chief Executive, and I can’t wait to begin work in my new role.

“Joining the champions of Ireland is a huge honour. I intend to build upon the excellent work that has been done at the club in recent years, and aim to grow Dundalk FC into a bigger, better and stronger club, on and off the pitch.

“I see this as a very exciting opportunity to work with an ownership group that is fully committed to this club, and prepared to support it’s growth and development in the short, medium, and long term. I believe the owners are building something special at Oriel Park, and I am proud to have been given the chance to play a part in that.

“My aspirations match that of the owners, in that I want Dundalk FC to be trailblazers off the pitch as well as on it. Our common goal is to ensure we continue to dominate domestic football, and make continued progress in Europe, bringing success to both the town and the country.”