Local Italian community reaches out to new Dundalk FC coaches

Local Italian community reaches out to new Dundalk FC coaches

New Dundalk boss Filippo Giovagnoli has revealed that a number of the town’s Italian community have reached out to him to wish him well since his arrival in town.

A combination of social distancing and the fact that fans are unable to attend Oriel Park has meant that the 49-year-old and his assistant Giuseppe Rossi have yet to meet the majority of supporters.

However, speaking to The Argus after training on Friday, Giovagnoli said the welcome he has received so far has been truly amazing.

“Sometimes I’ve been walking around and people have come up to me and they’ve been really nice. They call us by name ‘Filippo’, ‘Giuseppe’. Also many Italians from the town have contacted me.

“It’s been a really good atmosphere and everyone has made us feel so welcome so we want to give back something to the fans and to the town.

“I have to say thank you to all the fans and of course the board because they hired me. I will be doing my best to do well to extend my time here.”

While his initial impressions of the town have been good, the new coach said he had yet to find a favourite restaurant or coffee shop in Dundalk just yet.

“Not yet. We’ve tried to stay in our bed and breakfast as much as possible because with the Covid situation we don’t want to risk anything.

“We’ve mainly just been focused on work but maybe we’ll visit a restaurant later in the week,” he said.