Perth hoping to have Pro Licence completed later this month

Perth hoping to have Pro Licence completed later this month

Vinny Perth expects to have his Pro Licence fully completed on schedule later this month but is unsure when the course’s graduation ceremony will take place.

The Dundalk head coach embarked on the UEFA and FAI course at the start of 2019, shortly after taking over the reins at Oriel Park from Stephen Kenny.

There were initial fears that Perth might miss out on the Dundalk top job due to the fact he did not have a Pro Licence but the club swerved this potential bump in the road by bringing former manager John Gill in alongside the man who played under him at the Lilywhites in 2007.

Those rules were relaxed at the start of this season but Perth said he is looking forward to finishing the Pro Licence nevertheless.

“It’s all done and dusted at this stage,” he said.

“The stoppage in football hasn’t impacted anything, if anything it has given me a bit of time to finish a couple of assignments that are due as part of the exit.

“The last assignment has to be in by the 19th April and then sometime in May the graduation was due to take place so it will be done and dusted in the next two months but obviously the graduation will be difficult at the moment.

“I would have been fairly ahead of the schedule in the sense that I had my assignment done so it’s not something I was too worried about before the Coronavirus happened.

“It’s just a matter of tidying stuff up now,” he said.

While an additional pressure to taking on his first major job in management, Perth said the course “wasn’t a lot” on top of his day to day duties in managing the League of Ireland champions.

“I think the best way to do these courses is when you’re in clubs. I think you learn more because you can relate it to where you’re going. It’s a bit like a doctor. You can’t train to be a doctor and then become a doctor. There’s a reason for placement.

“I would have liked to have got all my badges a lot quicker but I haven’t always been full-time at Dundalk. It has taken me somewhere around 10 years since the start to the finish and I think that’s around the right time to be honest with you,” he said.