Dundalk FC chairman Bill Hulsizer has vowed that owners PEAK6 will continue to invest in the club despite making losses of €1.9 million across 2018 and 2019.

A new assistant for manager Vinny Perth is in the process of being identified following Ruaidhrí Higgins’ departure, contract talks are set to resume with some out of contract players and small investments have been made in the club’s youth structure in recent times.

Perhaps more ambitiously, Hulsizer confirmed that possible upgrade works to Oriel Park were still being examined.

The 77-year-old revealed in last week’s Argus that the club had drawn up plans prior to lockdown to improve the stadium.

This week he went a step further by revealing it was the club’s desire to add new stands to the Carrick Road venue to bring it up to at least an 8,000-capacity stadium, which would allow for the side to host home European fixtures there beyond the opening qualifier rounds.

Asked about continued investment, Hulsizer said: “We’re going to replace Ruaidhrí, that’s for sure and we’re looking at some stands to increase our capacity.

“We still have to do that even though we don’t know if we’re going to have a single fan watching a game this year but unfortunately that is not Dundalk’s call. All we can do is run our business to the best of our ability within the guidelines that are established by the HSE, the Government, the FAI, UEFA and FIFA and that’s all we can really do.”

Asked what capacity he would like the revamped stadium to be, Hulsizer said: “I’m hoping to have at least 8,000. I’d feel better with 10 but we’re looking at every angle we can.

“I can’t promise that any of it will come true but I can only tell you that right now we’re looking forward. We’re not looking back so we’re going to go as far as we can go and hopefully we’re good enough businessmen, good enough players and good enough administrators that it will be a great experience for everyone,” he said.